неделя, 11 март 2012 г.

You're Special and Simeons's New Hobby

How quickly the Sunday wents by... Hope your weekend were a good one. I spent mine at home. The weather here isn't very nice. It rained almost the whole weekend. But I'm tired of being home for such a long time and I hope the weather tomorrow is going to be good and I can go out for a walk and running. I have to study, too... so it seams that the new week will start as a busy one for me. 
Now, a few words about my card.. First of all, I want to tell you that the DP is made by Simeon.. He started making DPs a few weeks ago and they turned out really amazing. This is the first one I work with. Just the moment I saw this gorgeous paper sheet on Simeon's computer, I pictured the card below just the way you see it. This happens rarely to me, so I'm happy that the end result is exactly the same as the first idea in my head. I love this paper so much, that I didn't want to cover it. That's why I used only some lace and ribbon from my stash. I made the roses from ivory cardstock and painted their centers with ash of roses colour pen. I cutted out one Spellbinders' frame and wrote the sentiment. And that's all!
I followed 4 Crafty Chicks amazing sketch, which perfectly fitted to my idea. 
Hope you like my card and please tell me what you think about Simeon's paper. It'll means a lot! 



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