неделя, 15 януари 2012 г.

Pretty notebook for me!

Hello my sweet blogfriends!
How was your weekend? Mine just passed in many attempts for studying. My mind is so bisy with the information processing that I even don't know what to write you on this post. But I couldn't resist to show you my new Notebook. I really love it! I made it with the clear idea to use it at school. But in second thought, I'm not really shure that I'll have the opportunity to use it there. Most of the professors send their lections on our e-mail and if I want to write something, I just do this on a handbill. And I really hate to bring with me a lot of hand baggage. So, I must find another application for this Notebook. May be I can drow and write my craft ideas on it- what do you think? 
I used CR84FN amazing inspirational colors this week. They are one of my favourites, so you must expect more than just one project of mine for this challenge.
I used the amazing K&Co's papers. It was really hard for me to cut them - they are so soo gorgeous! The punched boarder frame is made with MS Arch Lattice edge punch and with tiny cute beads glued on it. I also cutted by hand two of the lovely central frame to achieve this 'frame-on-frame' effect. (I'm not really shure  you can see it). I used a mixture of the tiny beads for it, too. The big rose and the small ones around the frame are handmade by me. The other ivory roses surrounding the big one are a gift to me from Simeon's mom. Thanks, hun! I used some faux feather bought from our local art-store. I must go and buy more because I used  all of them on this notebook. The pearl .. (I don't know how to call them) .. SO - the pearl embellishments are from one 'you-can-buy-everything-from-here' store at Sofia.
Well, that's all. Have a super week.. and wish me 'Good luck' for my exam at Tuesday! 


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