четвъртък, 12 януари 2012 г.

A Notebook for my Mom

Hi all!
How are you today? I didn't go out from home the whole day. And I want to say it`s because of the fact that I'm studying all thay, but if I say that, I'll lie. Well, I'm really trying to study, but inexplicably why - I can't. And I really have to start - my exam is on 17th and it's going to be a really difficult one. I decided that I don't have to waste my time with pointless trying and sat to wrote my post for today. I'm sharing with you one notebook for my Mom. Well, it's for her, but I think that it'll be filled with mine (and hers) already tasted recipies. I don't know if I`ve already told you, but one of my newest passions is cooking. I started with some cakes and muffins, but now I love to cook absolutely everything. And I spend every free minute at the kitchen. Now, back to the notebook. It's really simple. I knew that my Mom loves this paper just the moment she saw it, and that's why I didn't want to cover it a lot. I just added some flowers (she loves flowers, too). and some pearls.
 I want to add this notebook at Flourishes and DYSU



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