вторник, 31 януари 2012 г.

Paris Post Card - TSTR and SS

Hello again!
I'm here to show you the card I made today for The Shabby Tea Room and Sassya's Sketches. Today, I tought that I'll finish my unsuccessful tries/cards from yesterday. But I didn't. Well, I hope that their turn will come soon :) Considering the difficulties I met yesterday with my last card.. now I'm really really happy that the idea for this one was so clear at the first time. Well, it didn't turns out exactly how I imagine it. But every little embelishment just pops up into my hand. And everytime it was the right one. I tried to find some other embellishments at my supplies, but finally I came back to the first one. And that's why it was so fun and easy to work on the card. I suppose that everyone had those days - and the feeling is awesome. Now, when I look at it, I'm feeling like I'm repowering :)) 
I used a beautiful paper sheet from K&Co. I destressed it gently with some black ink. The gorgeous doily is a gift from Simeon's mom. I cutted a circle frame form Fleur De Lis and cutted it into a pieces. Honestly, I forgot to glue them when I startted to put the details together. And I must add them at the end when everything else were permanently glued. Well, I did it somehow, but it was a great challenge. I drown the heart, cutted it and added glitter. The sentiment is the definition of love. The Eiffel towel and the other stamps are from the net. The black lace is also from Simeon's mom and the other laces are from a friend of mine. The heart charm is a gift from Kim. Thanks, huns! Wow.. now I noticed how many gifts I used on this card :))) I'm happy that I have such a wonderful friends! Love you all! And finally - (no more gifts) - I find the white and black charm a few week ago when I rearange my bethroom!
Thanks for visiting me today and enjoy the rest of the day! See you tomorow!

A few close ups...

Here are the sketch and the inspirational photo I used:



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