сряда, 4 януари 2012 г.

2012 is about LOVE...

Hello and Happy New year! 
   This is my first post for 2012, so I want to wish you happiness for you and your family. I hope that you had an amazing time during the holidays. Mine was the best! I really can't imagine how quickly 2011 went, but I think that each year will goes by even more quicly that the previous. 
   My first card for 2012 is a 'Love' card. I really love this color combination. Actually - it's the second time using it and I really like both the results. As you can see, I didn't use any DP on it. I met some difficults with gluing the beads. If you don't mind - you can share with me your way for doing this. 

I want to add this card at: 


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