четвъртък, 26 април 2012 г.

Love is the answer - Mojo238

I've just found out that I wasn't post my Mojo Monday card yet. I made it three days agoy (yes, at Monday) and I have no idea how I was forgot to post it. And here it is. I love these squares and I knew exactly what I want to do. During the time I made this card Simeon came to me and when he saw the squares he said 'WOW, this squares are amazing'. Than I started to explain him the idea for the card but he stopped me and said that he  love the layout so much that he want to see the card already finished. Well, he didn't see it yet (except at these pictures that you can see, too) but I know that he'll like it more alive. The feathers are natural and they are absolutely gorgeous and soft when you touch them. 

 For the flower I was inspired by the amazing Andrea's rosette. Firstly, I would use a different rosette, but that I saw that I have this white ribbon and decided to made a flower with it. But when it was done something missing.. I started to put some things over it but nothing matches the way I wanted to. And here is Andrea's inspirational part. I coated the edges with Copper Stickles and put this lovely piece of bracelet for a center. The swirls under the flower are Marianne D die-cutting. I cut off six of them and grouped them like a circle. Than I decorated with two natural feathers and two handmade pins.
The DP is from Far Far Hill. I cut it into 3x3 sm squares and layered them over a saddle brown cardstock and a bandage. The little tag is from Far Far Hill, too and it says 'Love is the answer'. And the buttons are from my supplies. 


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