вторник, 6 декември 2011 г.

Purple Butterfly Gift Box

Hello there, blogfriends! 
I'm going to make a quick post just to show you one box I made for TPDC. The colors are really pure and I love them. I decided to made a little box for money or some jewelry. It's Christmas coming, so I need to catch up with the gifts' boxes. But this won't be these days. As I told you, I'm going for five days at Bansko for the Students day. I should have gone today, but it's holiday today here in Bulgaria. It's called Nikulden (St. Nicholas) and it's a holiday for everyone who's name is Nichole, Nichol, Nicolina and others. The carp is the traditional meal for this day. And because of the fact, that my parents were at work, I decided to cook it. The carp is at the oven now and I must go and check it. I'll also make some yellow cheese bread (they are absolutely delicious). I'll post them in my future posts (if I take some good photos). 
I must go now to finish with the cooking stuffs. I'll come back later to tell you if the carp and bread were tasty :) And I'll post a similar to this project card. 
Hugs! See you later!


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