сряда, 21 декември 2011 г.

Тихо се сипе...

'Тихо се сипе първият сняг..' or one of the most popular Bulgarian Christmas' songs. I'm remembering how we're singing it in preschool or first grade. ( Actually, I'm singing it all the time :)  I decided to use this song's title as a sentiment for my white/blue Christmas card. I made it for The ribbon reel challenge. Actually, I made two cards for it, but I'll post the second one later today. I realised that this Christmas I have just these two blue Christmas cards. (thanks for TRRC).  I really love these colors and I think they are really pure, soft and elegant for Christmas, but I don't know why the Christmas for me is more Red, Gold, Green and Copper. May be that's beacause these colors match better with our home, or because they are more warm for me. But I really like the blue/white colors, too. Actually, the more important thing is 'the christmas spirit', right? And every color can have it on his own. What do you think? 

As I told you, this card is inspired by one christmas song - so here it is - 
Hope you like it (nomatter it's on bulgarian and you can't understand it) :)
See you later with my second card.




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