неделя, 20 ноември 2011 г.

With Love and Respect

The card I'm gonna show you today was made for an old Verve's sketch. I love how it looks like. For this card I used my favourite paper pad of BG - Capella. I framed the card with some beads from my stash. Actually, this and a tons of other beads were the first embelishment I bought when I decided to start making cards. I even thought that they won't be enough. Of course, I was wrong. Now, I think that I have beads for at least 20 years. I`m not so sure if you even can imagine how many are they. Maybe I can open a store with them, LOL :) The sentiment is handwritten and says 'With love and respect'. 
Now, I'm going to finish my Easter cake. Yes, I know it's Christmas comming, not Easter, But this cake is delicious. And my Mom want to teach me how to make it. So, I couldn't say 'No', right?
See you later. Hugs!


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