неделя, 9 октомври 2011 г.

Black Elegance

Hello there! This is the first cold day for the fall. Actually, it's colder than ususal and my mom even put her winter jacket. 
I haven't been posting lately because I didn't have internet these days. That means that I didn't make cards for my favourite challenges. So, I have so much work to catch up. And I'll start today with my cards for Mojo and The Shabby Tea Room, because they are going to be closed tomorrow. I hope I can make it. Moreover, I have to make a wedding album until Tuesday, so my schedule is loaded. :)

Well, this card is made for past Verve sketch but I met some difficulties fowolling it. So, I must leave it behind and finish the card without it. Actally, I like the way it turned out. I used BG papers and the butterfly is from Marianne D. The jems are a gift to me and Simeon from my mom. I really like the way they look together, so I used them again the same day for another project.

Goodbye for now and have a nice day. See you later with my newest card (hope I can make them).


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