сряда, 5 март 2014 г.


Hello, friends! Today is one amazing bright and happy day for me! My best friend has a baby boy and I'm soooo happpy. She is not even my best friend but the first one of my all friends who has a baby and I'm so excited and happy and... OMG.. I can't stop smiling and repeating the word 'happy' :D I can't wait to see her and the little baby. Unfortunately she is far far away from me and her family. After she got married she moved in Italy but I'm praying and hoping that one day she'll come back to Bulgaria where everybody loves her. She is the most amazing and kind person I've ever know.And I know that her baby will be, too.

Now, for the card - I made it for my cousin's name day. He is an musician and a writer and also is studying an TV and Mass media in England. Thats why I decided to make him a thematic card. He loved it and I'm proud of me :) Love this card!



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