сряда, 26 февруари 2014 г.

N'a pas de sens...

Hello :) 
I'm here to share you one card I made for Valentine's day for my best friend. Well, it's not the tipically Valentine card but this is just the right for her. I had a call from her an hour ago  telling me how much she love it. I even could see her smiling at me and feel her happiness and excitement. She made me so so happy, too. 

I'm adding photos of my past card that she love because I used it as an inspiration. It's my favorite card, too. She is standing on my desk since I made it and every day I look at  it and smiling. I don't know why... I even don't have a sentimental feeling about Paris or something. But I love that card! Maybe it's because All of the emotions I put on it.

I want to enter this card in:


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